Frequently asked questions


Why you should hire a professional...

Photos are used to capture a moment in time. When you hire a professional, you are ensuring that the memories you are preserving are appealing to the eye, that the images themselves are long-lasting, and that the photo is taken the right way the first time. 

Professional photographers have access to higher quality prints than are available for the public. Wedding photographers usually have connections in the event industry because we come in contact with DJ's, caterers, and etcetera at every event we work.

Sign on the dotted line

The contract protects both the client and the photographer from things that can be misunderstood or overlooked.

We will have a consultation at booking where we clearly outline what you expect from me as your photographer. This information will be clearly printed into your contract. At that time, I will also explain other aspects of the contract, such as when and how to expect your images.

On location, location, location?

On-location means that we are not working in a studio. Our session could be in the comfort of your own home, your child's favorite park, where you and your fiancé first met, or wherever else you like. If you can't think of anywhere, my dogs and I are always out scouting cool locations we to suggest.

While studio sessions are available, the slots are limited and book quickly. 

...but I have nothing to wear

These images are meant to last a lifetime, so we might as well make them worth looking at! My suggestions help to create a map for the eye to follow across the entire image. 

Use textures

Wear layers

Use bold colors

Mix and match 


The more confident you are about your look, the more life we can give to your pictures. have a favorite hairstyle? Now is the time to rock it! I can bring a make-up artist to our session, you can use your own, or you can go au natural; the world is yours.

The only thing I will try to talk you out of is wearing any type of character print; everything else we can make work! 

Give me some props!

Props are a great way to personalize your session. During our consultation, we'll discuss what kinds of props we can use. A prop can be anything from the blanket your baby came home in to something I bring for us to use.

Uhmmm...where are my pictures?

During your session or event, I will take as many photos as possible. Then, I hand select the best of the very best photos to edit and retouch as needed. 

Every client at Jasmine Ann Photography will receive a private online gallery of the best of the best images taken during our session. In your very own gallery, you are able to view images, purchase digital downloads, share images to social media, and purchase prints. Some photo packages include free digital downloads. 

If you have ordered a Fine Art Album, you can expect it at your doorstep either mailed or hand delivered within 60 days after you have chosen your favorite photos in your gallery. 

For a photo session you can expect anywhere from 50 to 100 photos. For an event, people receive anywhere from 500 to 1000+ photos.  During our consultation, I can give you a clearer idea of what to expect.